White washed kitchen – your haven

White washed kitchen

Is white a good colour for kitchen

Kitchen is a very important place in our lives. Although it may seem like an overstatement it’s basically true. It doesn’t really mean that we need to cook every day, prepare meals or even eat there – it simply means that kitchen is very often the place in our household where we socialise, spend time talking with friends and discussing the very nature of our world. Yet, in order to have this nice and welcoming kitchen it needs to be clearly organised, easy to navigate and nicely coloured.

White kitchenWhat’s interesting, it’s the colour that very often can make the difference. Think of smaller kitchens or kitchens that are open to other rooms, in such cases it’s the colour that can save your kitchen, make it look optically bigger and more inviting. Yet, in order to achieve satisfying results it’s best to choose proper colour. Of course, as with many things it’s easier said tan done. There are so many factors that you need to take into account – such as general colour scheme, colour coordination between walls and furniture, general style and many others.

Therefore, sometimes it’s best to go with simple solutions.  White washed kitchen can be the key to your success. Why white is such a good idea for kitchen? First of all, white washed kitchen makes the whole space look much bigger than in reality. White optically increases the space and makes it look clean and neat. Secondly, white washed kitchen appears on the one hand, sterile and clean, and on the other hand looks elegant and stylish. After all, you want your kitchen to be clean and elegant at the same time. Finally, white washed kitchen goes well with all kinds of designs, both modern and traditional. It also coordinates well with various colour schemes and patterns.

White washed kitchen – appliances and furniture

Therefore, you can easily see that white washed kitchen is a safe option that’s also easy to make. In order to enjoy your white kitchen firstly chose the shade of white (you can be quite surprised how many are there) and then think of making your kitchen even whiter with carefully chosen kitchen cabinets, worktops and appliances. Although, this may seem like too much of white results can be pretty stunning. Remember that you can go with coordinating colour scheme and choose various shades of white, slightly different for walls, cabinets and furniture and appliances.

Finally, don’t forget to add a personal touch to your white washed kitchen. Choose some contrasting decorative elements or interesting lighting or juicy green plant to enliven the space a little. You can be really satisfied with the final results.

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