Unusual, but cool use of ceramic offcuts!

grey ceramic offcuts

Man-made stone in your kitchen? Garden? Living Room? It’s possible with ceramic offcuts!

Ceramic tiles can usually be found on walls or floors, but this is not their only application. With a bit of imagination, you can conjure up practically everything from them, because the possibilities of using tiles are limited only by your imagination. If, after the renovation, we have left single ceramic offcuts, they should not be thrown away. They can be used in an unusual way, while changing the appearance of the entire apartment. When designing a flat, countertops, tables and fireplaces, it is also worth thinking about tiles.

On the kitchen countertop

Neolith ceramic offcuts
The worktop is a complement to the whole room and at the same time the heart of the whole kitchen. It is where most of the cooking activities are carried out. The worktop, made entirely of large-format ceramic offcuts, is still an untypical and extremely functional solution. Tiles are resistant to high temperatures, so you can easily put hot pots on them. They are also easy to clean and remove stains and dirt. In contrast to worktops made of wood, tiles are hard to scratch or damage. Such a table top can be extremely fancy and colorful – ceramic offcuts are available in various patterns and colors, so you can create original combinations of them. However, the most popular pattern is timeless marble.

The second life of the table

A table with a worn worktop doesn’t have to be thrown away. Even the one with an uninteresting design can gain a second life. Ceramic offcuts will give it a completely new look and turn it into a piece of furniture that nobody else has. However, not every table can be decorated in this way. The construction must be stable and solid, otherwise it will not withstand the weight of the tiles. You can put one large tile on the table, or combine several of them. An interesting effect will be a combination of a wooden table with light ceramics or a black metal frame with a stone-like tile. With ceramic offcuts it can also create a large table and a bench made entirely of tiles. However, the production of such a piece of furniture should be entrusted to a professional.


Dekton ceramic offcuts
Ceramic offcuts can be found in virtually every bathroom and living room. However, they do not have to be used only as a material covering the floor and walls. A great idea would be to use them to enclose shelves. In this way, you can achieve a homogeneous building and the shelves will somehow emerge from the walls, which will give the bathroom a chic and elegant look. This is a good solution, especially for small rooms. With shelves, it is worthwhile to build in every free angle. This will allow easy access to the necessary utensils and cosmetics, which will always be at hand. It will also allow you to maintain order in the bathroom.

Decorates flower pots

Decorations made of ceramic offcuts are a great way to enliven your garden and give a unique character to potted flowers. Take a look at the ceramic offcuts post on this site – it details how perfectly offcuts can be fashioned into beautiful garden decorations. Oiled tiles can be used as fancy pot holders. Even damaged or incomplete tiles will work well as a decoration. You can break them into pieces and create a beautiful colorful mosaic that will decorate pots, casings or flowerbeds. The execution is very easy – just cover the surface with a special mortar, then place pieces of tiles on it and primer them. Its pattern will depend only on our imagination. Such pots are a stylish decoration of the garden or terrace. They are also perfect as a gift, especially for people who appreciate self-made gifts.
As the old Polish proverb says – sky is the limit!

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