The power of granite

The power of granite

The power of granite – qualities

The word granite is derived from Latin granum, which means grain. The name obviously points to physical features of this stone, which is densely grained. Granite is a very hard rock formed from magma, consisting of mineral grains squeezed together. Granite can be polished and hence finds a lot of possible applications. Its highly durable, almost impossible to scratch, comes at a variety of colors, each piece is distinctive – there is no way to find two identical pieces. If you are interested you can check out multiplicity of its modern uses and connected with it purely material aspect of the power of granite in today’s world at www)

The power of granite – beliefs

The power of granite besides its material applications is something that at first sight not many people may consider. To some it’s just enough to know its physical qualities and possible applications in construction and house interiors. Whereas, they are interesting and many let’s not forget that granite possesses quite a few magical or spiritual qualities as well.

The power of granite stems directly from its nature. It’s a stone combining two elements – water and earth, therefore it is connected with emotional and practical side at the same time, with fluctuating and steady energy. The stone helps to control your emotions and retain practicality at all times. It can help you to develop personal integrity and avoid nervous breakdowns.

Other believes associated with granite come from for example aboriginal tribes which believe granite to be a lucky stone, representing general increase and well faring. Granite can also help you to see the whole situation, the big picture within context.

It’s not only your mind that can benefit from the power of granite. Your body as well can draw on this stone’s qualities. Especially your head, face and hair can take advantage of the stone. Granite can help you to strengthen them.

The power of granite – atomic energy

Besides strictly physical qualities and beliefs in the spiritual effects of granite it is also said that granite accumulates atomic energy. Energy of 1 tonne of granite equals the one accumulated in 50 tons of coal. It’s only a matter of proper unlocking of this energy at reasonable price. The subject is still under research but the idea of dormant granite energy is appealing.

The power of granite – surrounding

It appears that granite as a natural resource has a lot qualities, some of them yet not discovered. It is important to use these qualities to help develop our everyday lives. You can surround yourself with granite while furnishing your home, it’s a really useful material (especially for kitchen or bathroom worktops due to its durability) and drew on its dormant energy. You can also simply satisfy your needs by looking at the granite’s marvelous coloring and depth and wonder at the nature’s beauty.

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