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Space efficiency

Why space efficiency matters

You perceive the space according to your movement. The way you move tells you what space is available, what does it look like and gives you certain impressions that can’t be actually clearly defined. Movement defines spaces and has a great part in the way you perceive it. Of course, sight plays a huge role as well, but let’s not forget that sight is about measuring distances as well as about perceiving shapes and colours. Keeping this in mind let’s think of space efficiency, a very popular term that’s so frequently used by contemporary home interior designers.

Space efficienc roomSpace efficient basically refers to the fact that available space in our houses and flats is efficient, which means that it’s accommodating as many functions and objects as possible without being cluttered or impossible to move around. Space efficient means that spaces are designed for your comfort and focus on using the space efficiently, that is effectively, productively, usefully and skilfully. As a result, you spaces are clearly divided into usable zones and are easy to move around and navigate. Movement and distances are the keys to space efficient design.

What’s more, space efficient is also frequently applied to particular elements of furniture and appliances. There are space efficient kitchen cabinets, worktops, sofas, microvalves and basically everything you can find in your home can be made in such a way as to be space efficient. Although, at first sight, it may seem easy to have space efficient microwave or dining set in practice it can be quite problematic. There’s plenty of difficulties you can encounter here. For example, in case of appliances for them in order to be space efficient they need to house the mechanism inside in the smallest spaces possible, sometimes it’s difficult to create small microwave that has plenty of useful functions.

Is your kitchen space efficient

In case of furniture and worktops it’s a little easier for them to be space efficient. Still, sometimes there may be difficulties in creating attractive furniture or worktops with space limitations in mind. As a result, it’s very often the creativity that suffers and is therefore lost. Luckily, with modern home interior designers and constantly developing technology it’s much easier to fulfil the requirements of space efficiency without impairing aesthetic qualities of furniture or appliances. Hence, if you’re aiming for easy to navigate kitchen that’s practical and eye-catching both and in agreement with space efficiency it’s best to choose one of contemporary home interior designers.

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