Modern Kitchens – What will be popular in 2020?

modern kitchens

New Year New . . . Modern Kitchens?

The new year 2020 has officially started. We are now first week into this new decade and one of the most searched interior design keywords online is ‘Kitchens 2020’ – that’s because people are curious to know what is/will become popular. They want to stay on top of the trends, they want to discover new inspirations, and immerse themselves into the contemporary world i.e. take a deep plunge into 2020 with originality, create modern kitchens that truly stand out. modern kitchens

Other than that, people desire to start they year fresh. January means end of festivities, merrymaking and spending money on presents – this month prepares us to focus on housework, either in the form of refurbishment or redecoration. This doesn’t mean people instantly crack the pot and splash their money on architects, builders or IKEA sets. . . a lot of people use this month to simply plan out what they want to change in their home. This is especially the case if our Christmas was spent lavishly, and a lot of money was splashed on food, presents and decorations. As a result, for some, January is a recovery month, and with recovery comes extensive preparation.

So, what’s currently trending and modern kitchens are likely to become fashionable this year? 

Widespread Organic Themes

Natural elements, like wood or stone have always been associated with ‘classic/traditional’ kitchens. Well, this year I believe this stigma will begin to fade, and our perception of organic implementation change. We have already observed a shift in the pattern last year, and the year before, when a lot of natural colours were being meshed with modern themes. Some Modern kitchens or living rooms included hints of nature e.g. wooden panels, joined with glass cabinets and  furniture.

modern kitchens

I particularly liked the trend of hollowed-out rocks, acting as plant pots, clay ornaments or wicker baskets. But when it comes to mainstream kitchen designs, I don’t think that organic look ever breached the boundary of subtle decor. I think this year, that will change. Interior designers will exploit wood in far more ways than usual, creating cabinets, flooring panels and even appliances that blend natural grain with other standard elements.

Likewise, I think stone will be used in far more varied applications. I think people will once again desire granite worktops (a trend which has been in decline over the past decade once quartz came into play), but especially unpolished tops, with that rough/honed texture. I think stone tiling will be extensively used and more greenery will become the norm. We have already observed the emergence of bespoke designer walls in public/private buildings made out purely of moss, or scores of orchids, hanging from branches like in their natural habitats. I think all of this combined will create a truly modern interior, which is curious, because we’re essentially reverting back to primitiveness – being surrounded by nature, much closer to living in a tree house or campsite, than an actual home.

modern kitchens

But on second thought, this resurgence actually isn’t curious at all. I think people are attracted to natural themes because they’re deeply in need of it – especially those who live in fog-filled cities – glass and concrete traps where nature can be seldom found. Complete, raw naturalness, not synthetic replicas, will gradually seep into the norm of modern interior design, and we will embrace that trend with much satisfaction. After all, with the climate change, and vast natural disasters induced by global warming, I think everyone, from the higher classes to the low, developed a deeper, more sympathetic respect for nature. I’ve even seen advertising last year of companies which specialise in creating environmentally-friendly and ecological furniture, which during the manufacturing process, does not contribute to harming the environment. This is right up there with veganism, I think. A good cause, a noble cause, which in my opinion is worth following. I can get behind such modern kitchens trend at an instant.

Smart Storing and Simplicity i.e. Full Concealment

Technology is constantly improving. The current suppliers of kitchen appliances/furnishing are creating new means of minimising everything in your kitchen. We currently have the ceiling embedded extractor hoods and extractors that are built into your worktop. We have cabinets which utilise every bit of room to fit in all your utensils, dishes and cutlery, so that nothing is displayed on show, unless needed. We can purchase under-heating flooring to reduce the use of central heating and bulky radiators. We even observed a rise of hidden sinks, which with a press of a button rise to level with the worktop, creating a seamless whole, enabling you to use even more of the surface for cooking. I haven’t even mentioned the integrated hobs and instant boiling-water taps which are currently becoming a norm, ensuring that standalone cookers or kettles don’t cluster your kitchen.

modern kitchens

I think this theme will continue to grow, and we will observe even more examples of simplicity. Perhaps we will soon get cupboards that raise from the ground, like wine shelters, or cabinets that are integrated into our walls. This would perfectly align with the increase of smart homes i.e. every electric device can be booted up with your smartphone. I think the raised/hanging cabinets will slowly become obsolete, and our islands or floored cabinets will gain even more functionalities to replace them. The possibilities are endless, and I’ll be following the pattern of simplification and minimalism very closely, looking out closely for new inventions and modern kitchens ideas. I’ll update you all on here, once something new arises.

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Ideal Home have created a very interesting article, which shares a lot of different, trendy ideas for this year, that you could implement in your kitchen or a plan that you’re presently creating. I purposely didn’t want to expand this article any further, because their list is fantastic, and comprehensive. They list other, more specific modern styles like tiling or flooring ranges, colour patterns etc. I’m sending you off to this article, so you can take a glimpse at the most fashionable ways to finish off your kitchen, even with pictures as examples! Modern Kitchen Trends

Likewise, I’m also going to link another article I uploaded a while back Marble Kitchen – Practical Ideas – this guideline article includes numerous vital tips to help you make the most of natural stone, and render things like marble, granite and quartz elements into useful decorative segments.

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