Kitchen floor – what suits best

Kitchen floor

Kitchen floor – necessary qualities

When deciding on remodelling your kitchen many people focus mainly on buying new furniture and appliances and forget totally about floor. It’s understandable that kitchen cabinets and countertops come first, but to have your kitchen remodelled successfully it’s best to fit it with proper floors as well. What are the necessary qualities of kitchen floor? First of all, it’s kitchen, so floor similarly as countertop, it is subjected to all kinds of spills, scratches and interactions with such factors as heat and heavy impacts. Just imagine heavy and hot pan flying all the way down and landing heavily on your floor, or think of acidic lemon juice slowly soaking between the cracks all unnoticed. To avoid repetitive repairs and irritating cleaning the best way is to from the very start choose floor that is durable and resistant to liquids, heat and impacts, and at the same time easy to keep clean.

Kitchen floor – the best choices

What are the possible materials that fulfil the above mentioned qualities and are still aesthetically pleasing? Hardwood flooring is a good choice if you want to keep the air of novelty (there is no effect of dating of this type of floor) and it’s also highly durable and moist resistant. It gives your kitchen the air of warmth and inviting atmosphere. Another possibility is vinyl flooring, which is very functional and easy to clean. Vinyl flooring is the best choice if you cook a lot and don’t have a lot of money to invest. Vinyl flooring is both economical solution and durable kitchen flooring material. Finally, another popular kitchen option is porcelain tile. It’s the strongest material that can stand a lot and has the powerful look of stone solidity. Whatever option you choose it’s good to remember that in the long run durable material is what you need. It’s the same as with kitchen countertops, the more you invest in quality the better return on the investment in the future.

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