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The most popular material for kitchen countertops

When it comes to choosing the countertops for your kitchen there are many different factors that you should take into account. There are tons of options when deciding on material for your kitchen countertops. Where to start can be quite difficult, so we would like to guide you and help in making the proper decision. We prepared three materials that are really worth recommendation. Let us start with the first option which is granite. Granite is a natural stone that it is made from solidified magma or lava. Some of its greatest advantages are the durability and resistance to cuts and scratches. Because this reason, granite countertops are perfectly suitable for busy households with children. Moreover, it is heat resistant, so there is no need to be worry about hot pans and pot while cooking.

In addition, granite requires the minimum maintenance, which means that it can be simply clean with sponge and water. Some people are discouraged to granite because it needs to be sealed. However, the sealing is recommend one, maximum twice a year. In fact, it is also really easy, takes a few minutes and you can to do it on yourself. Since granite is formed by the earth, each slab is completely unique. It will work with any kitchen style, and add overall equity to your kitchen. As each slab is different, none can have the same countertop what we can compare to the real piece of art. The other material we would like to draw your attention to is quartz, also known as engineered stone. Quartz is robust and will easily stand up to the daily kitchen use. However, unlike the natural stone, it requires no sealing and. Quartz has a consistent design which makes it virtually seamless.

Man made and designed for the kitchen, quartz is also heat-resistant and non-porous. Thanks to this, bacteria cannot penetrate quartz countertops. Moreover, it is also stain resistant and therefore worry-free. If you are looking for a smooth and consistent look, go for quartz. If you want a stone with a similar look to marble but less porous, we can recommend you countertops made from quartzite. Quartzite is metaphoric sandstone which is formed from high temperatures and pressure to create a dense and attractive material. The other great advantage of this material is the low-maintenance requirement. It is also resistant to stains, heat and chemicals. The most popular and practical variant is white quartzite.

Thanks to various vases on the surface, quartzite can provide your kitchen with the great sophisticated look as elegant marble stone does. Those three presented materials will look absolutely amazing. Overall, the best choice for each kitchen design will be granite. Not only it is very durable material, but it also looks very uniquely. Granite is quite expensive natural stone, but it also will guarantee the long-lasting great effects. If you decide on granite, you will enjoy the beauty in your kitchen for a long time.

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