Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The Shaker door design is easily the most popular door style in kitchens nowadays. The five-piece flat-panel design has a frame made from 4 pieces then a solitary flat center panel for the 5th piece.

The Louvered doors are horizontal wooden slats that are generally utilized on furniture pieces, interior doors and windows, however they contribute an extraordinary architectural style to kitchen cabinetry. In spite of this, keep in mind that these beauties come preloaded with a large price tag.

The Inset doors are usually probably the most costly in the marketplace, it’s a traditional look that will survive for decades. The door constructed and designed with incredibly accurate dimensions to ensure that it nests inside the framework and opens and shuts perfectly, even if the solid wood contracts and expands.

The Distressed doors entail selecting any kind of door style after which you opt to have the corners rubbed off or have some other distressing strategies carried out for the ancient feeling. All of this extra work will end up costing you, although; there is generally a 15-20% up-charge for a trades person to truly destroy your new cabinet doors.

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