How to keep stone stairs not slippery?

Have you decided to build stone stairs? Keep in mind that they cannot be slippery for if they are using them will be neither comfortable, nor fully safe. How to avoid this? We present some of our suggestions below.

To build stairs use coarse tiles, what means that they are anti-slip. The best products turn out to be the ones with irregular texture, so even when they are wet or glazed your feet will not lose traction and the risk of falling down will be pretty low.

On the outer stairs you may use electric-powered stair step lining that will prevent the stairs from icing. They consist of calefactory cables, humidity and temperature sensors and thermal regulators. They power on automatically and are fully safe. These devices carry out necessary measurements and state whether heating of surface is unavoidable.

However, when it comes to inner stairs the best anti-slippery protection is usage of coarse self-adhesive tape or enriched molding rubbers. Another good solution is installation of brazen, steel or aluminum moldings.

The lubricity of stairs’ surface may be reduced by making milled cuts into them. Nevertheless, one has to be extremely careful in order not to damage the material’s structure permanently. Additionally, after finishing such operation it is important to impregnate the stone in order to improve its resistance to stains and humidity. To make sure that everything proceeded as it should we highly recommend asking professionals for assistance or buying specially adjusted products.

Material or rubbery rugs may also be attached to stone stairs. Obviously, they will not look grandly, but still if there is no other solution, they will do it.

In the end we want to mention that there is no obligation to use anti-slippery solutions at home. So if the stairs you have are comfortable to use and bear no risk of falling down, then there is nothing to worry about. You just need to be careful while stepping and let them dry up completely after cleaning.

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