Interior design – when creativity becomes an obsession

Interior design

Interior design – creative approach

Designing and arranging space can be a real fun. There are so many ways that can make your house look great. There’s simply no end to creativity. You can just open up your mind and let yourself be taken by imagination. Creative approach to interior design can have stunning effects. If you know what you’re doing you can truly transform your house into something unusual at relatively low cost. With pretty cheap materials you can change dull interiors into something extraordinary. Simply buy some small decorative elements and put them in strategic places to enliven otherwise boring rooms. Or become really creative and make small decorations yourself. Get the necessary supplies in one of many DIY stores and start making things. You truly don’t need extra money to change interior design into something unusual. It’s enough that you’re willing and bold enough to make a change. Yet, as with everything there are limits to creative approach. How to recognize that you’re slipping into obsession with your creativity? What are the signs that should worry you?

Interior design – how to recognize obsessive approach

Interior design can turn into something ugly if you don’t really know when and where to stop decorating and adding new things. Too much of creativity can really end up in chaotic mess, in cluttered interiors where there’s simply too much of everything. What signs should truly worry you? First of all, take a look around your house and ask yourself what is it that you see? If first thing that comes to your mind are decorative elements that are scattered everywhere you definitely should start to worry. If your bookcase is color coded it may not be a good sign. Then, if there are so many pillows on your sofa, armchairs and any other available spaces that’s another sign that something is definitely not ok. One or two pillows are always a good idea to warm up your living room, but if there are pillows of different kinds simply scattered everywhere that’s definitely too much. Can you truly find this kind of cluttered space relaxing and comforting? Your sight simple can’t rest when there are so many points that distract it at every turn.

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