Granite worktop online quote – the price calculator

Granite worktop online quote

The price of a granite worktop depends on many factors, e.g. the design or colour of the worktop, as well as the structure of its surface. A price calculator, which will estimate the exact price of a stone worktop per square meter, may be helpful in determining the price.

Durable and elegant granite worktops

Among stone worktops, granite are the most popular – the most durable among all types of worktops. Resistant to mechanical damage, knife scratches and stains, fireproof, do not discolor from putting a hot pot on them. They will survive unharmed even several decades.

In addition to their durability, they enjoy the noble, timeless beauty of natural patterns and colours of stone. A wide range of shades and beautiful, unique patterns make granite a highly valued material for kitchen worktops. Granite worktop is an investment for many years in every kitchen, which will additionally give the interior a chic and exclusive look.

What affects the price of a granite worktop?

The cost of a worktop for a kitchen depends not only on the material chosen. During the valuation it is necessary to take into account such factors as shape, colour or size. It is worth noting that the final price of a granite worktop is also influenced by the country from which the raw material comes. Confirmation of this can be a granite top Titanium, which in addition is a rare stone, so the price starts from 800 pounds per square meter.

You should also remember about the transport costs of such tops – a 1 m2 board with a thickness of 3 cm weighs about 80 kg. The weight and handling of the stone is also important when installing granite worktops.

Granite worktop online quote

The price calculator for kitchen worktops allows you to estimate the costs associated with making a worktop out of granite. It is an easy to go through process, during which you need to give approximate dimensions, shape, color and type of selected stone. Then the calculator will perform calculations and the price of the worktop per square meter will be presented.

After accepting the estimated costs, it is enough to contact the consultant and proceed to the ordering process.  They should be submitted by phone or e-mail. The next step after the order is to make a template and measurements of the worktop.




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