Granite worktop cost

Granite worktop costGranite worktop cost

Kitchen in our homes is often its heart. There are usually family meetings at breakfasts or dinners. According to the latest research, the kitchen is the place where we spend most of our time. The kitchen worktop is a very important element of this room. The worktop must be well suited to the interior and kitchen furniture and must be usable. Kitchen worktops that require constant washing and polishing are a nuisance for every housewife.

Granite worktops for kitchens – price, that is, what and for how much?

Granite worktops and their price are influenced by many factors. The first one is a kind of stone. The price of a stone is most often determined by its availability and origin. The cheapest materials are of Polish origin and those that come to us from China. Please do not suggest that there is talk of poor quality Chinese stone. This is completely untrue. Stone is a stone, how can it be worse than in Africa or Brazil?

The next factor is the class of stone. Granites have their own classes and the price is set depending on it. The stone class is assigned according to the appearance and quality of the block. Such a stone on Viscont White has very blowing patterns, it can be bright or almost black. Depending on this, a class is determined.

The second thing is the granite block itself. Stonemasons know how many slabs can be cut from which block. In a granite block there can happen wires that need to be cut out. It is exactly the same with trees and knots. Wood with a lot of knots is not suitable for building or at least for heating a house.

Another factor that affects the price of granite worktops is the amount of waste from the slab. Some projects require the purchase of the whole granite slab, from which 30% of the waste is to be utilized. Therefore, if you want a granite worktop in your kitchen, it is worth discussing the whole project with a stonemason. It may turn out that after some minor changes you can save up to two thousand zlotys. The already mentioned form of surface finish also affects the price. Polished stone is usually slightly more expensive than matte stones. However, this is a slight difference.

The next element is all the holes in the top. Each hole is an extra job. When cutting holes, there is also a chance that the stone will break. Each weakened part of the top by holes is reinforced by special strips glued under the bottom of the top.

The price of the holes themselves will also vary depending on the board or sink itself. It’s about the difference in equipment installation. Bottom-mounted holes for sinks are more expensive than those for traditional socket sinks. The same is true for tiles. Holes for top plates are 100 – 150 PLN. Hob holes mounted flush with the worktop cost 200 – 250 PLN. This is because it is necessary to perform additional treatment there and often polishing hard to reach places.

The last factor is the installation of granite worktops. The price of installing a granite worktop is very different. Usually the prices are in the range from 1 thousand to 3 thousand zlotys. The price of the installation is influenced by a lot of factors. From the very design and size of the stone. For some assemblies it is enough to have two fitters and for others it takes even five. The price is also influenced by the place itself. If it is a flat in a block of flats on the 4th floor, the price will be higher than in a single-family house.

Prices of granite range from 400 PLN to even 1500 PLN. Exceptional black pearls can cost up to 4 thousand zlotys per square meter.

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