Granite sinks what you need to know?

granite sinks

What you need to know about granite sinks?

Granite sinks are becoming more and more popular in kitchens. Its no surprise – they are functional, effective and durable. Besides, they are a perfect decor for any interior, providing them a lot of luxury and character. If you plan to go and buy one for your kitchen, we invite you to read the next part of this article. We touch on all the relevant issues, positives and mention a small amount of disadvantages of these products. Enjoy the read!

1. They look goodgranite sinks look great, and fit into any interior design, whether it is classical and strongly traditional layout or a modern interior which is minimalistic and stylized. They are the perfect pice for the interior. They come in a wide range of colours (white, black, beige, gray, green, red, blue) and different shapes (round, square, rectangular, single/dual-chamber). What’s more, they can be purchased granite batteries that very nicely with them blend.

2. Incredible durability – granite sinks are undoubtedly the most durable kind of products from all available on the market. Distinguished by an outstanding resistance to mechanical damage, with strong chemicals and high temperatures. Thanks to this they are very comfortable and less problematic. There is absolutely no need to worry that using a knife on them will scratch the material, and even boiling water won’t damage their structure. It’s a product purchasse for years, which, with proper care will retain their great looks for a long time.

3. Easy cleaning – Caring for granite sinks is not too time-consuming or absorbing, but you have to remember their regular cleaning. Therefore, it is recommended to wash them daily with warm water and mild detergents e.g. liquid dishwashing detergents. Of course, to remove dirt, use a soft cloth, rinse them with clean water and wipe the surfaces dry. As a result, there it won’t be difficult to remove stains from their surface, and the walls will not sediment at the stone. Once in a while you should also perform impregnation, which will give it a shine and increase the durability and resistance.

Unfortunately, granite sinks also have some disadvantages. Undoubtedly you have to consider their high price and heavy weight. Their prices reach several hundred or even several thousand pounds, so not everyone can afford to buy them. Besides, they are heavy, so they require a reinforcement on the top of the cabinets and special installation, which can be expensive. Moreover, some substances may cause permanent staining. This refers to the wines, coffees, teas, etc. and therefore if you pour any liquids which make cause such stains down the sink, be sure to immediately and thoroughly rinse it with water.

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