Granite flooring – what’s best

Granite flooring

Granite features

Granite is a peculiar rock. On the hand, it’s very durable and highly practical, and on the other, full of purely aesthetic qualities. Think for example of granite’s resistance to such harmful factors as: heat, wind, temperature fluctuations, moist, heavy impacts or scratches. Granite can easily withstand them all and come out undamaged. Whether granite is placed inside or outside you can be sure of its high resilience and durability. Then, think of granite in terms of aesthetics and design. Granite is natural and as such comes in unusual and unique colours. There aren’t two slabs of granite that are the same, each is unique and one and only. Granite’s inner grains and irregular veining can’t be multiplied in a geometric and regular pattern. It’s simply impossible, it’s nature and as such it’s unpredictable. It’s as simple as that. All in all, what all these qualities make of granite, is there any use and practical application of granite’s outstanding features?

Granite flooring

Of course, there’s no real surprise that granite has many possible applications. Think for example of such granite elements as: granite flooring, exterior cladding, granite kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops, small granite decorative elements and finally granite tombstones. All these aren’t the end of granite applications. These are simply the most popular ones. Interestingly, granite can be easily worked and processed, providing it’s done with proper expertise and care. Only true professional can make granite stand out and bring its inner qualities of beauty and unique allure come to light. Granite needs proper treatment, its processing consists of few stages and takes time and knowledge. With carefulness and experience you can achieve best results.

Interestingly, granite flooring can be one of the best granite applications. Unfortunately, many people tend to overlook this particular granite’s usage. Somehow, granite flooring doesn’t generate much attention and admiration. It’s  a mistake. Granite flooring, can look great both inside and outside. In case of internal granite flooring most often you can find highly polished granite slabs or smaller tiles forming a great overall pattern. External granite flooring is mostly more subdued and matte. Yet. There aren’t rules determining this tendency.

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