Granite as a material


Why Granite?

It has a rich beauty that no other countertop material can compete with. It is a one-of-a-kind natural product that doesn’t depreciate in value and charm. Granite kitchen countertops can boost your kitchen to the next level visually and can possibly end up becoming the centrepiece of the room. The sheer variety offered by granite countertops, in terms of colours, designs or grains is virtually endless, you will definitely find one that mixes perfectly with your kitchen walls, cabinets and flooring with assurance that the colour of your granite countertop will never fade.

Formed by heat and pressure, granite resists heat very well! Its use near a cooking top is ideal so when you have to put down a hot cooking utensil fast, granite can retain the heat without being damaged or weakened. Once sealed, granite is virtually stain resistant. It also won’t absorb liquids when it is properly sealed. If sealed correctly by a professional (It will stay in good shape by applying a sealer, at least once a year), it maintains its good looks and its amazing assets for seemingly forever. Granite is an exceedingly hard substance that has already out-shone many of the elements on earth. Furthermore, it is susceptible to scratches so cutting on it will never damage the countertop (It will actually dull your knives).

Since it is non-porous, it is very sanitary so bacterial contamination is not a problem. It is also very easy to maintain because you can clean it with just some warm water and minimal detergent. It is the best countertop material that can take the inevitable abuse from children, heat and some other potential harmful factors found in the kitchen.

One of the biggest benefits of granite countertops is that they can be shaped anyway that you like. It can be cut into arches, curves, ovals, squares, 45° or 90° angles and pretty much any other way you could imagine. It literally works for every kitchen: If you’d like an earthy appeal to your kitchen, granite countertops in their unfinished form can provide that for you. Or if you’ll like a classy, elegant and contemporary look, the polished versions can lend your kitchen just that.

A while ago, granite countertops used to cost thousands of pounds for just one simple kitchen remodel. However, times have changed and now the average granite countertops kitchen costs around or under £1200 making it affordable and worth-it for many buyers! In the end, if you take care of them, you will never be disappointed or end up needing new countertops.

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