Frequent problems related to stone floors’ laying.

Problems related to stone floors.

Stone floors look very effectively, however creating them requires proper knowledge, experience and appropriate tools. Unfortunately, lack of any of aforementioned factors may make us commit regrettable mistakes. The ones that happen most often during stone floor’s laying are described in the next section of the article. If you are curious then we encourage you to keep on reading!

Using devices adjusted to cutting of ceramics, while it is necessary to employ buzz and diamond saw that help to cut the stone smoothly and evenly. They are expensive and their type is to be adjusted to the kind of the stone, because only then will they help in achieving the desired effect.

Using glue and joint mortars with cement slurry in set with stone made of acidic rock. Their encounter may lead to the reaction of naturalization and cause unaesthetic stains to appear, which removal will not be possible. That’s why a person that specializes in laying of floors should know the acidity of stones and select glues and joints according to it.

Laying of stone tiles on damp concrete surface that prolongs the process of floor’s drying up.

Haste accompanying the work that means lack of controlling the floor’s evenness using contour line. Neglects in this aspect may result in floor not looking particularly good.

Too quick grouting that should be made only after the glue is dry. The best way is to wait a week and during this time maintain the floor with pouring the water into empty grouts.

Lack of checking whether the tile fully adjoins the surface (it can be done with the tapping technique – if the tile sounds hollowly then it means that between it and the surface there is empty space). Obviously, tiles not adjoining will not immediately result in them breaking or shearing, though this issue should be dealt with if possible.


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