Dark flooring – use the power of contrast

dark flooring

Why dark flooring

Modern homes are mainly focused on three important things. These are high functionality of all appliances, furniture and overall space layout, minimalism when it comes to number of things arranged in our rooms and finally simplicity of things and basically the way they’re built. Although, these things are definitely important when it comes to home interior design they should be treated as the only important things. There are also many other factors that can play a huge role in the way our modern homes look.

flooring coloursFirst of all, modern homes rely hugely on colours. Let’s consider this inner power of colours on a  specific example. Think for instance about dark flooring. Dark flooring is particularly nice example that show how important are colours an dhow essential it is to contrast them with taste. Dark flooring in modern homes refers basically to a type of flooring that’s made of natural materials. There are of course many choices when it comes to flooring, still modern choice is always to go with natural things. Therefore in modern home dark flooring is usually made of natural materials such as for example granite, marble or wood. Dark flooring looks particularly good in modern homes because it’s elegant and simple. What’s even more, such dark flooring is also powerful and royal in its general appearance.

Use contrastive colours

granite flooringYet, in order to create truly interesting an eye-catching interiors it’s best to use contrast, especially in case of dark flooring that’s so immensely powerful. Dark flooring makes a really strong point and what’s more, it can have a huge impact on space. With dark flooring the spaces look smaller and sometimes if it’s not used properly of if the space is too small it can also look oppressive. In order to minimise this possibly negative effect of dark flooring it’s best to go with contrasts. The best way to contrast dark flooring is to go with bright and light colours of the walls and furniture.

White washed walls can create perfect balance when it comes to dark flooring. What’s more, if you’re afraid of creating only black and white interiors you can try to have coordinating colour scheme – choose pearly white for walls and continue with dark shades of whites or greys with appliances and furniture. In this way you can avoid the obvious contrasts between black and white. Finally, never forget about the inner power of details – they an make all the difference and are also very interesting additions to your home interiors, thy can serve greatly in such modern kitchens.

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