Common mistakes in kitchen design

Most common mistakes in kitchen design

The kitchen should be a well-designed and adequately finished place. It’s got to be functional and comfortable. Only then you will be able to freely move around the kitchen, and preparing meals will become a pure pleasure. Unfortunately, when it comes to kitchen design many people make some basic mistakes. We decided to describe them in this article.

Most common mistakes in kitchen design

  • Putting dark and large furniture in a small kitchen. It makes the interior even more cramped and optically smaller.
  • Installing the worktop too low. This causes the person using it to bend down all the time. The height of the worktop should be adjusted to the height of household members.
  • Little space for storing kitchenware. It’s worth to invest in upper cupboards, even ones that reach the ceiling, and some shallow drawers that will help organize the cutlery and small accessories.
  • Inappropriate lighting that makes part of the kitchen very bright, while leaving the other part in the shadows. Kitchen needs a proper ceiling lamp. Apart from that, it is worth to invest in some functional lights and fit them over the worktops and table.
  • Putting the cooker in the corner of the room is a highly non-functional solution. It is best to have worktops on both sides of the cooker – this is way more comfortable.
  • Introducing islands into small kitchens only complicates things by impeding free, unconstrained movement.
  • Installing the cooker and sink on two opposite walls is very impractical. It is best to install them on the same wall, close to each other.
  • Small worktop prevents you from placing dishes and food products on its surface. In general it impedes comfortable use of kitchenware.
  • Maximum savings that result in buying low quality kitchen utensils and furniture of low durability.
  • Not enough sockets. When planning their layout, you should consider sockets for household appliances that will be permanently connected to the circuit, and several sockets over the worktop that will allow for connecting other devices.
  • Household appliances in different colours spoil the overall idea of kitchen décor.

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