Cleaning marble countertops – refresh your kitchen

Marble features

Marble is beautiful natural stone which finds many applications. One of them is using marble in making worktops and kitchen countertops. With its unique veining and eye-catching colors marble is a perfect choice for furnishing your interiors. It gives your house a truly royal touch and allure. Besides aesthetic qualities there are also more practical features that make it a suitable material. It’s highly durable, moist and heat resistant and difficult to scratch. It is also very hygienic – there is no life for bacteria on marble surface. To enjoy your marble kitchen remember to keep it clean and remove all the stains as fast as possible.

Cleaning marble countertops

Whereas marble gives your rooms an eye-catching charm it can be irritating when it comes to cleaning. There are certain features of marble that make cleaning marble countertops quite demanding (see more here www.) First of all, remember that marble is a rather porous stone, which means that it can be seriously damaged when acid substance such as milk, wine or lemon juice is spilled on it. If this happens make sure to remove the spills immediately. To prevent this from happening remember to clean marble on a regular basis and with proper materials. Never use abrasive chemicals or hard surfaced cleaning pads. To clean marble surface you will need only water with soap and a soft piece of cloth. To refresh your marble countertop simple wipe the surface with the wet cloth, rinse it clean and dry.

What about stains and spills that have already damaged the surface? Is there any way to safely remove without further damage? Firstly, you can try to remove it using hydrogen peroxide mixed with a few drops of ammonia. Wipe the surface with a cloth soaked in the mix. But remember to do it gently. If this method doesn’t help then you can always contact professional agencies dealing with cleaning marble countertops. Getting the help form professionals keeps you on a safe side. You can be sure they won’t damage your marble.

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